IPL NV machineIPL – Med Inno is an IPL Broadband Light System that gently remove unwanted hair based on the principle of selective photo-thermolysis.

• Hair Removal
• Vascular lesions
• Skin Rejuvenation
• Acne treatment
• Skin tightening (re-firm)
• Wrinkle removal
• Solar light spot

Med Inno provides integrated contact epidermal cooling to protect the skin.

Med Inno has a large spot size (15mm x 50mm) for fast & effective hair reduction treatment. It enable you to treat quickly & allows the light to effectively reach the entire bulge & build of the follicle.

Technical Specifications:
Light Source: Intense Pulsed Flash Lamp
Output Wage Range: 640-1200nm / 515-1200nm
Energy Density: 1-50J/cm
Spot Size: 15mm x50mm
Maximum Average Valve: 15/cm; the peak value: 50J/cm
Cooling System: cooling with circulating water;
semiconductor, wind
Power Source: 220V/60Hz; 110V/50Hz
Power: 400W

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