Nanno iPro

Nanno IproIntense Pulsed Light System (IPL)

The Nanno iPro offers a high tech solution that focuses on the four most common IPL treatments: Hair removal, vascular and brown spots (pigment lesions), Acne & photo Rejuvenation. The advance technology  consistently maintains powerful clinical fluence for more predictable and effective results.

Nanno iPro also provides different combination of pulse trains for versatile and adaptability. This technology allows treatment of the desired target without causing collateral damage to the surrounding tissue. A variety of single pulse and multi-pulse (pulse train) options for greater versatility in treating different skin types and different indications safely and effectively.

The best IPL Value-powerful clinical Fluence (up to 50J/cm2) for proven and efficacious result.-long flashlamp with up to 30,000 flashes.

Power | Performance | Value
The Best IPL Value for a profitable business
50+ Pre-set iSmart Software Programs
• Powerful Clinical Fluence (Up to 50 J/cm2) for Highly Effective Treatments
• More Indications for Profitable Business
-Hair Removal, Vascular & Pigmented Lesions, Acne & Photorejuvenation
– Quick Change Filters


Four (4) filters for the treatment: Hair removal, vascular & brown spots (pigmented lesions), Acne & photo rejuvenation. Multi-pulse trains for Darker Skin Type Advance “Top-Hat” shaped Pulses for effective Treatment.

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