Deep Renu Fractional CO2 Laser

deep renuIndications:

Skin Resurfacing
Deep Wrinkles
Scar Revision
Collagen Remodeling
Pigmentation Irregularities


Premium Fractional Scanner with Smallest 65u Micro-Beam for Exquisite Fractionalization Deep Renu ELITE FRACTIONAL CO2 is unmatched for deep dermal indications. The Deep Renu  selective micro beams (MBs) penetrate deeply into the dermis. The fractionate MBS comfortably ablate and remove precise columns of tissue, which are replaced by fresh, new collagen. Deep dermal stimulation provides long-term collagen remodeling. Ideal candidates for the Deep Renu lasers deep dermal applications have scars, deeper wrinkles and/or sagging skin.

Pulse stacking – allows for treatment variety and greater penetration depth
Five scanner modes – square, circular, rectangular, random and repeat
Random emission – minimize thermal damage for rapid recovery

Aesthetic Equipments