Controller: 10.4″ color touch LCD screen
Output Power: 2000w
Multi Software Language
Cooling System: seminconductor + air + cooling gel
Skin Cooling: <0-10 C
Voltage: 220V/110V
IPL Energy: 1-50J
RF Energy: 1-50J
RF Frequency: 6MHz
RF Duration: 10-2450ms
Pulse No: 1-6
Handpiece Number:1pc with 5 filters
Wavelength: 480nm/350nm/590nm/640nm/690nm standard (420nm, 750nm optional)
Spot Size: 12x30mm, 12x40mm optional
IPL Energy: 1-50J
Pulse No.: 16
Handpiece Number: 1pc
Wavelength: 640nm standard
SPot Size: 15x50mm
RF Energy: 0-50J
RF Delay: 100-1500ms
RF Frequency: 6MHz
Interval: 1-4s
Handpiece Number: 1pc with 2 probes
Spot Size: 16/32mm
Wavelength: 1064nm/532nm(106nm for skin rejuvenation optional)
Indicator of Aiming Light: imported ruby indicator
Energy: 1300mJ

a. Hair removal (640mm~1200mm filter)
b. pigmentation removal (530mm~1200mm filter)
c. Vascular lesions removal (480mm~1200mm filter)
d. Skin rejuvenation (590mm~1200mm filter)
e. Breast lift up (690mm~1200mm filter)

This machine combines with VE light (IPL+RF system), IPL, RF and ND YAG laser system together, and four different handpieces at the same time. The handpieces are VE light handpiece, IPL handpiece, bipolar RF handpiece and ND YAG laser handpiece. It can identify the relevant systems automatically when plug
different handle; so we call it intelligent.

before after


a. Pregnant women
b. Insolation in the sun
c. be hypersensitive to light or medicine, or are taking medicine that sensitive to light
d. Using vitamin within 6 months
e. Not representative naevi or malignant pathological changes in the treatment   area.
f. Pacemaker or quiver dispelling machine user
g. Herpes or trauma
h. Pimple record
I. People who accept Hirudin etc. treatment (should stop using it before 2 weeks).
j. Serious diabetes patient, high blood pressure sufferer, and epileptic

Aesthetic Equipments