Cryolipo Duet

Cryo LipoThis feature uses a specific low temperature to the triglyceride fats which can transform it into solid with the use of non-invasive transmitters. It transmit accurate controlled temperature wave to the specified areas, de-fatting it and eliminating fat cells. Fat cells will cooled after natural decomposition clean-up process making fat layer gradually thin, thus through normal metabolization process, fat layer will gradually decrease achieving the purpose of local de-fatting. The micro electric current can stimulate the activity of the nervous system of the body in the central nervous system. A good stimulation can help nerve back into normal reflection. Regulating body metabolism can restore balance of higher nervous system.

Technical Parameters:
Dimension:  46cm X 43.5cm X 35 cm
Voltage: 220V/50Hz or 110V/60
(according to the mark on the machine)
Power consumption: ≤300W
Cooling device output temperature : 0°C ~ 5°C
Import current: ≤8mA
Cooling liquid: pure water
Ambient temperature: 5°C ~+ 40°C
Relative humidity : ≤ 80%

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