GE Laser RF

GE Laser MachinePortable Radio Frequency Machine for Body and Face Applications.

Dual handle probe system for the body (0.3 Mhz) and face (0.5 Mhz)
Activates Lymphatic circulation
Safest high frequency with no harm
Comfortable and safe treatment
Very fact thermal emission
The use of special power electrode accessories
Various application ranges and effects
Innovative and polished design

RF penetrates the hypodermis and it transform into a thermal energy.

It increases tissue temperature (42-45 degree Celsius) and in effect will expand blood vessels, stimulates lipolysis and fibroblast.

Effective to dissolve the fatty cells and to drain toxic materials.

Activates metabolism and carries nutrients and oxygen into the skin cells and scalp.
Strengthens the root of hair and prevents hair loss.
Skin tightening, fine lines and wrinkles reduction
Acne treatment.


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