Gen-X RF

RF SystemSpecifications:

Rf whitens,tightens,delicate skin
6 working heads
Cool hammer reaches 3-4 degree
ICard contol

1: Skin tightening
2: Deep and light Wrinkles Eliminating
3: Improves skin-elasticity and skin-shine
4: Pregnancy line restoring
5: Improves Skin Metabolism
6: Focusing Radio-frequency, immediate effect
7: Anti-aging for whole body
8: Divides bacterium and diminish inflammation
9: Improves pore-expantion
10:Shapesbeautiful figure
11:IC control, LCD touch screen

1.Utilize the korean therapeutic working heads
with 6 pieces, it fits different parts of body;
2.Cold hammer, the temperature can reach 3~4°C
3.Two model radio frequency output stick,one is “L”
model stick, the other is “I” model stick
4. With emergency switch;
5. with foot switch;
6. IC control;

Treatment Scope:
Face: Thin line, pouch, forehead wrinkle, cheek line, wrinkle around lip,
acne, neck line, double chin, skin-smoothing, deep & light wrinkle.
Chest: Enhance chest shape, breast-beautifying and chest- strengthening
Body: Arm, waist, abdomen, leg, pregnancy line, loose-skin tightening

Operating Voltage: AC220V
Output Frequency: 0.3MHz/0.5MHz
Power Consumption: ≤300W
Measurement Of Package: 50CM* 47CM*133CM

Product Description:

Electric wave skin-tightening technology and automatic energy control system is a safe therapeutics with no invasion, no surgery, no blood shed, and no need for recovery. You can find obvious changes after the first treatment.

RF Treatment Principle:
The Radio-frequency (RF) utilizes 0.3MHz/s and 0.5MHz/s electric wave, which can permeate the epidermis to take effect on the underlying tissue. High-frequency shake will make resistance of the underlying tissue move and produce high energy, which makes the temperature of the underlying tissue rise instantly. Since high heat causes immediate contraction of fiber and collagen tissues followed by new collagen production and recombination, hence the desirable effects of skin-tightening, wrinkle-removal and figure-shaping, etc.

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