Slim Line Collagen

Slim LineMetabolic Elimination Thermic System
New CaviPod Metabolic Elimination Thermic Stimulation (METS)
Finishes the Job of 100% Fat Removal
SlimLIne CaviPOD METS is perfectly positioned to address the demand for non invasive body shaping, skin lightening and fat removal with effective technology and unique protocols. METS passive exercise stimulates whole body vasodilation and sweat glands to effectively eliminate fat cell content that is micronized during cavitation procedures. METS also enhances for continued elimination of fat and waste by-products. SlimLIne CaviPOD METS passive exercise immediately helps clients see and achieve faster weight loss results.

METS Protocol

Client treatment with METS for 10 minutes before US/RF body shaping procedure to prepare the tissue for the cavitation/body shaping procedure.

Client treatment with METS for 10-20 minutes after US/RF, cavitation, lipo or body shaping to eliminate fat cell content released during cavitation procedures.







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