Trio iShape

Trio iShapeHarmonized Smart Software with multiple (100+)
Pre set program screen extra large 10.4 Color display touch screen monitor.

  •  Four modalities for maximum treatment efficacy.
  •  Ultrasonic cavitation
  •  RF
  •  Vacuum
  • LED




Technical Specifications:
Ultrasound Cavitation Frequency:
40khz; 28 khz & dual mode: 40/280 khz
Energy 0-50 Joules: Continuous or Pulsed: Diameter of transducer: 50mm
Trio-poar RF Carrier Frequency
1 Mhz Adjustable 0-3000 J.
Tri-polar Facial Hand Piece: Diameter 35mm
Tri-polar Body Hand Piece: Diameter 66mm
Vacuum Bi-Polar RF:
Facial Hand Piece: Outer diameter 75mm (with two LEDs)
Body Hand Piece: Outer diameter 109 m (with six LEDs)
Vacuum Pressure: 740 mmHg (maximum)
Duration of Suction and Deflation: Adjustable 100ms to 2 seconds
Device Weight: 63 lb. / 29kg
Electrical Requirement: 100/110V or 200/220 V, 50-60Hz
LED Wavelength: 620, 670mm
LED Power: 60mA
LED Diameter (ea): 10mm: 620-670nm

trio ishape 2014Features:
Trio iShape multi-frequency ultrasound cavitation
The use of non-thermal ultrasound technology has become popular for aesthetic applications including the non-invasive treatment of adiposis (excess body fat) and for body contouring.

The mechanism of action for non-thermal cavitation is automatically selected by Trio iShape proprietary software for the safe and selective disruption and breakdown of adipocyte membrane integrity without causing significant damage to the epidermis or nearby cells in the adiose layer (such as blood vessels, nerves, etc.) Trio iShape Tri-Polar RF

Trio iShape includes a convenient tri-polar RF modality for the thermal treatment of skin laxity, wrinkles, skin rejuvenation, cellulite and body fat.

Trio iShape Tripolar RF handpiece enables the operator to cover larger surface areas or treat at greater skin depths than other mono-polar or bi-polar treatment for faster & more effective RF treatments.

Trio iShape Vacuum +Bi-polar RF+LED
Trio iShape system includes a vacuum modality for specialized treatments of a variety of skin and body conditions including lifting, drainage, wrinkles, skin rejuvenation, tightening, and cellulite stimulation and activating.

Vacuum modality is a method for increasing the circulation of both blood and lymph for improved tissue health and reduces edema and congestion.

Intense 620-670nm LEDs delivers additional anti-aging and beauty benefits by directly precise amounts of photonic energy to the skin cells.


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